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Our Water Filter system of course gives you water that is free of the contaminants that may be found in regular tap water. But you can also use our convenient way of supplying water to make yourself healthier…by making lemonade.   Yes, you heard right. Lemonade. Made to the proper recipe, this refreshing drink can [...]


A water filter can save you money as well as removing a wide range of contaminants found in conventional tap water. There has even been some debate about the benefits of filtered water as against bottled water.   Recent studies claim that that, while bottled water is fairly healthy, it is not as healthy as [...]


Our water filters represent a huge advance in the technology of providing people with pure water. It is not so very long ago that untreated or unfiltered water could cause problems such as the spread of disease.   In the 17th century Anton Van Leeuwenhoek radically improved the microscope with higher resolution lenses. He could [...]

Water Filters – Fight Against Hidden Danger

Water filters have been installed in contaminated wells in a few Lafayette neighbourhoods in North Carolina, USA. We wonder if this measure is not taken too late. The state officials have been testing the water there for years, but they have announced that there is a contaminant in the water that is well above the [...]

Keeping Water Pure

Drinking pure water can be a reality if you take good care of your filtering system and change the water filter cartridge regularly. When people want to drink water, they look at how it appears first – does it look dirty, if there is anything floating in the water. But the problem with water is [...]

Everything Needs Filtering

Water filters should be present in every home located in a heavily polluted area, and this means Mongolia must have them everywhere. But the reality is it doesn’t. This year the Mongolian government has decided to do something about that horrible air pollution going on that affects everything – the water, the soil and all [...]

Perfluorochemicals Found In Water

Having a water filter is a must, especially when a new chemical found in water surfaces. Filters are only some of the precautions people can take against perfluorochemicals, or PFC as they are more commonly called. This is a new chemical and the studies on it are not very extensive yet, but the scientists are [...]

Filtered Water for Babies and Toddlers

If you are using filtered water for your household, make sure you change the water filters when their time is up. Especially if you use this water for your babies and toddlers. If you have stopped boiling water and decided to go with the regular water for your kids, you might want to consider filtered [...]

Best Spots for your Water Cooler

Having a water filter in the home is a great way to ensure that you and your family are healthy and safe. However positioning the water cooler that it will be in may prove trickier than you may think. You may have an idea of where you will want to place it when you head [...]

Testing your Water

Having Water Filters in your home is certainly an essential as we have already discussed, however, there are still reasons to have a home water testing kit in your home. The reason is that you want to make sure that you catch the right time when you need to change your filter. Filters guarantee that [...]